Château de La Vigne

A medieval castle in the heart of the Cantal

Château de La Vigne

Originally a Merovingian castrum, then a medieval fortress, rebuilt in the 15th century by the Lords of Scorailles in front of an imposing panorama, La Vigne is made up of main buildings and towers, all crowned with a sentry walk on machicolations.

The period decor evokes the visit of the Princess de Condé in 1650 and the stay of Jean Jacques Rousseau in 1769. Still furnished and inhabited by the descendants of its builders, La Vigne is a living testimony to the rich past of the Haute Auvergne.

Facades and roofs

The roofs, typical of the Upper Auvergne, are sloping to eject the snow. They are covered with lauzes (shale), flat stones cut in the shape of a fish scale, held on the doëlle (batten) by wooden pegs. The towers, topped with a pepperpot roof, are crowned with machicolations designed in the 15th century to defend the castle.

Spiral staircase

The main staircase, made of volcanic tufa, serves the entire house. It is built in the shape of a screw and designed for defensive purposes (it is inverted). It is one of the widest in the region and its steps are two metres wide. Its flight is particularly elegant.

« Studiolo »

At the top of the square tower is the “Studiolo”, a former archive and curiosity cabinet, decorated with a fine collection of 16th-century wall paintings.

Troubadour room

The Troubadour room, a very interesting reconstruction in the Romantic neo-Gothic style, has a remarkable coffered ceiling, colourful stained glass windows and… a secret door.

Dining room

The large dining room boasts a majestic eighteenth-century sideboard 4.5 metres high.

Living room

The large living room was beautifully decorated in the 18th century with painted wood panelling.


The Gothic chapel features a fine collection of 15th-century paintings on its ogival vault.

History of the castle

Discover the history of Château de La Vigne, from its Gallo-Roman origins to the present day.


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